WIP - Pixel art Side Scroller

Wanted to post some video and screen shots of the game Ive been working on in Paper2d. The character and the animations were done by my brother in pencil, then I redrew them in the pixel style. Everything is in its first or second draft, so still a ways to go art wise.


If I figure out video I will upload it, as I would like to show the mutations.

The graphics are detailled and looks good.

Got the video working, although its not as clear as on my computer:

Screen shot of Medieval castle level I just started:


Working on some timbers and rope for the Medieval level.


I like the art-style, keep up the hard work!

Thanks DiddyKonga, I appreciate the encouragement!

Lovely fluid animation! Only thing I’d say from your video is maybe try adding a transitional animation from running to idle, it’s a bit too snappy in the change of state at the moment.

Other than that looking awesome, keep it up!

Thanks for encouragement and the feedback Jess. My brother actually did the transition animation (also from standing to crouch), but I couldnt figure out how to play those specific frames only once at the beginning of the looping run animation. But Ive learned a lot, in terms of blueprints, since I did that video so hopefully they should be in the next update.

Quite interesting. While it is still in early drafts, but the art seemed amazing for me. reminds me with some old days, things like Jazz the rabbit and such. Good luck with it, I’ll keep one of my eyes here before leaving the post :slight_smile: so I can keep following :slight_smile:


Looks great guys keep up the hard work!

Looks awesome. Love the art, brings me back to the older days. Will be keeping an eye your project.

Nice! I like the retro look!

Looks really good, especially animations :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support guys, still working hard : )

Looking good my friend. Keep it up :slight_smile: