[WIP] Pirate Girl

Hi all!

I have nearly finished a character for the Marketplace: Pirate Girl

The colours and other parameters can be easily change in the Details Panel.
I’m working on the weapons. I’m looking a polygonal effect.

Feedback are welcome and if you have any suggestion, let me know.

Thank you




oh, i guess anyone can put anything they want on the marketplace now without meeting some sort of minimum level of quality.

Things get kicked back all the time from epic. Not sure what you mean as its definitely not Turbosquid.

@Neuro That would be a helpful comment if you actually had specific observations (shapes, triangulation, material setup, areas of detail, weighting, etc.)

+1, it is important to bring some constructive comment indeed…

@mad: the model look simple but ok to me, it could be useful for some people i guess. Well, Epic will state at the end :wink:

I haven’t send the character for the approval step yet. I hope that all will be ok at the end.
It’s normal to find people who don’t like your works, but understand the exact reason for that it’s always helpful.

Thanks for your comments.

Here it’s the gun of the character.


Yeah I’m not sure what @Neuro is getting at… this model looks very nice. And all those settings for it 0.o

Note - I probably won’t use the model, as I don’t think it fits any of my projects/ideas… but it looks really good. The gun looks awesome too, though the lighting/material on the handle looks a little odd when compared against the rest of weapon. Still nice though :slight_smile:

Are you saying that anything that isn’t to YOUR standard, should not be on the marketplace? Let Epic know you want to be the sole entity in allowing created content to be put in. They’ll respect that.

Keep up the great work, mad.

Your attitude is awesome for a game designer :slight_smile:

I just noticed you actually signed up for Epic forums just to trash talk. You’re a wildman. You live dangerously, huh.

@Neuro - You’re on thin ice bud, keep it constructive or don’t post in peoples’ threads at all.

You’re one mad dude for no good reason.

You haven’t so much criticised someone’s work so much as you have trash talked it. Saying “oh, i guess anyone can put anything they want on the marketplace now without meeting some sort of minimum level of quality” is not really a valid form of criticism, it’s trash talk, nothing more. You don’t need to love everything everyone does, and you are well within your rights to voice when you don’t, but there are better ways to do this.

Likewise, your attempt at constructive criticism isn’t at all constructive. You need to be specific when giving constructive criticism, pointing to specific points or features and explaining why you feel they are not up to scratch. All you have said is more of “I don’t like this thing because I think it’s ****” and further insulted the author by claiming it’s their first mesh they’ve ever made, when, unless you happen to be close to the author, I doubt you have any grounds or reason for this…

Also try to understand that your opinion is just that, and art is entirely subject to opinion. Just because you think something is mediocre does not make it factually so. Based on the images provided, there is nothing wrong with the model on a technical level, which leaves the remainder of it, the aesthetic side of it all, down to personal taste. Might pay to remember that you opinion is not truth - it is just opinion, as is everyone elses’.

But at the end of the day, I have to ask - why are you commenting in here? You said your piece… so why continue to engage if you are so uninterested in this model? If it gets to the marketplace, how does this impact you in any way? There are certainly worse/less well made models on the marketplace already, and as I said the visual side of it really comes down to personal taste and opinion… so just move on and stop spreading negativity and hatred where it is not warranted.

Yaaarrrrrg nice work, Matey!

It’s great to see more stuff being submitted to the marketplace that’s not just another survival game asset.
I like how you are providing a proper material for it tomake it easier for people to customize the colours of it.

Keep up the great work and can’t wait to see more weapons. I’m a sucker for stylized characters and artwork.

I think you should also consider when you have the flintlock pistol done (and any other weapons you make) to smooth the normals and create a version with realistic textures for them and sell a weapon pack and/or combo packs. The models are well done and people are looking for older weapons and the market is flooded with modern weapons.

A lot of people are making “realistic” games these days so creating stylized and realistic looking versions will only get you more sales :slight_smile:

@neuro I don’t have nothing to say about the style of the model, you can like or dislike it. I’m more interested in knowing what do you think about the tecnical aspect of the models. But don’t forget that I’m looking a polygonal effect (that is the reason why my models don’t have a smoothing group). I thought that this was clear, my fault. I didn’t thought to create “Art” but only a couple of models, hoping that they can be usefull to someone and testing the opportunities of the Marketplace. I’m very critic about myself and about my work and I try to learn from all the situations …like this one. :slight_smile:

@Pirate Create a realistic weapons, can be an option. I have done only one gun and one sword, but it could be an interesting option. Thank you.

This is the sword. Thank you all.