[WIP] [Online Multiplayer Action Adventure RPG Game] Avial Online

Besides the assets all backend work is being done by me. Models, Sounds, and Effects was provided. The online setup and other mechanics is all being done in the Unreal Blueprints.

So what is Avial Online? An Action Adventure Based Fantasy RPG.

What is the Theme? Heavily influenced by minimalist anime styling. Set in a fantasy world, including things like magic, archery, melee, etc.

***What are the controls? ***Currently focusing on keyboard and mouse inputs. With skill based running, jumping, attacking etc. I believe a free range of movement controls makes a game very enjoyable to play.

What are the main mechanics? Close combat, Ranged, using a Energy Meter for special attacks.

  • **Player Leveling ****- **Experence for main player level. With attribute based points for gaining in a more specific area.
  • Social Interaction- Planned to have a chat system with Guild / Private messaging, teamwork for completing specific task.
  • Inventory - Used for storing weapons, materials, collecting, trading etc.
  • Quest / Mini Task - Complete Quest or Mini Task for rewards.
  • PVP - Planned to have PVP, still working out the specifics, but im leaning torwards a predefined area for PVP. Or if a more open “attack anywhere” type situation, there has to be some sort of rules to allow non-PVP players to not feel scared of being killed off at any time.
  • PVM- Like any RPG, there will be monsters to grind to your hearts content.

Whats the Target Build? Currently planned for PC. I would love to include VR. But without the proper Dev hardware this will only be a dream for now.

How will the Online play work? It will be handled as a typical, login and join the world with other players. More points and idea of the game will be updated periodically.

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In Game Screenshot 12-17-17

A small little gif showing the EXP gaining and attacking.…b76b9bb841.mp4

The EXP bar on the bottom is now functional. The player level number in the top right is setup. Also the text for the energy bar shows the right values. The leveling system is just a basic linear progression, and will earn attribute points per level. These can be used on different to make the character stronger / weaker or just balanced depending on the players choice.

A video showing current features.