WIP Office Space


Work in progress of a small office space. Any comments appreciated.



It looks like you forgot to post the images…

There was a video. But for some reason it is not there any more. I will have to reload it. I might not even bother.

I can see the video. Looks great! Your reflections look fantastic.

Some of the corridors feel narrow. Of course, that could be due to the actual layout of the building. Crisp lightmaps, even lighting, and realistic postprocess. Way to go :slight_smile:

Looks good so far. I feel like adding more props and decor would make the office feel more alive though. Some areas look good though like the conference room. I would look up reference images. Unless of course, you’re already doing that then nevermind :).

Thanks for the feed back. The design is from my Architecture client. The corridor is tight. Code minimum. This project is about 80% complete. Most of the detail, so far has been put into the lobby and the conference room. Still more to do in the offices and back work spaces. Trying to lighten it up a bit. Overall still feels a bit dark. Mainly I’m the corridor. Not in love with camera track motion as well. I want to include a sound track and a game play track. I noticed reflections were much better once I added a fresnel component to the materials. I used the hall arch viz tool kit. I have some material and switchable objects.
But when I updated to 4.12.3 some of the blue print functionality broke. I still can see the video. I am on vacation and only have access via my phone. Thank you all again for the feed back. It is much appreciated.

I mean still cannot see the video at least on my phone.

Edit: Once I got home from vacation, I see the video is still visible on my PC.