[WIP] Ocean Tide

At least it’s done. With the help of the community, I managed to make this mod. It was hard and painful, but I learned many things doing it.
Now, I’m too impatient to present my work !


As a graphic :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:, my first thoughts when I launched Ark for the first times were :
Whoa ! unbelievable ! so much beautiful landscape and dinos !
but ? but ?? Why is the water so STATIC ?!!?

Now, for just some kilobytes of download, you can have a cool ocean tide.
Relax on the beach watching the sea, but care about wet feets.
Look at turtles walking or swimming as the sea move, pteranodons fly off as water touch them.
Watch a parasaur escape a raptor, just because suddently there is more water and the raptor needs to swim.

The mod is clean, stackable as it doesn’t modify any map or object. It’s just a small map extension.

Have fun with it, and feel free to comment.

I’ve put the source file on unreal forums to help other modders to add ocean tide to their own maps.

I consider this update no more work in progress. Maybe I could fine tune the height and amplitude latter, but I think it’s fun lke that :slight_smile:

Im going to check this out and see what i can do to mod it a bit. I have a lot of tide pools that needed a tide haha …

Hi Angry,
I updated the attachement, so you can download the last version. Please feel free to ask question in this thread if you want explainations.

Awesome thanks. I read the BP lol, I like how this was done, very nice. I sent a friend request on Steam.


To make this easier and only move the OCEAN itself
You should set the flag to only move ocean postprocess and physics volumes, that way you dont get rivers and lakes moving as well. This will solve the issue with lake/river fish flying or land flooding
Also, where is the “height” adjustment on this? So i can adjust how high the water rises

Sorry, but I LOVE rivers moving too (and they share the waterlevel). BTW, flying fishes are really rare now.

hmmm, added this to the map and tested it out, doesn’t seem to work for some reason.
I think i found why - its only doing the ones listed in the array … i added enough to cover my map haha

so i did a test, and, the water plane itself doesn’t move. I do move up and down swimming for the tides.

Ocean tide is done specificly to work on TheIsland. To work on a custom map, the code needs to be adapted.
The trick is to move the waterplane, physics volumes and postprocessing volume. You have to adapt the code to your volumes.

yeah i am currently working on that.
Im just trying to get the volumes to raise like 10 units up and down … and just the ocean iteself.
not as easy as it sounds lol

Any pointers on what needs to be changed, or, where to change it to fit a custom map?

I cant seem to get my water plane to move, everything else works fine … moving off this project now.

To get ppl to actually use this, and, this is just an FYI since this (as per your mod page) is breaking a ton of stuff …

  1. Make it only work for the ocean.
  2. Make it not raise 50ft in the air
  3. Make it slower - maybe 1 cycle (rise + fall) could last 30 min (or whatever the day/night cycle is in Ark)
  4. Make it rise and fall the proper volumes. They are not working, boats don’t float on it, people having issues swimming on it, water dinos are being killed from it, etc

I love the idea, and, if it was able to be modded into a custom map, i would certainly push it. Sadly, it doesnt really work. It breaks way too many things.
When laying lakes and rivers, the volumes change when your in them dynamically. This breaks all that. Not worth breaking maps and game play, i think, to add a tide that floods your entire map out.

maybe go for a more realistic feel with this, have the water rise and lower it self acording to the irl tides (4 hours each way i believe) its not as noticeable but itl still leave its mark each time a player goes to the ocean.

i would also recommend you put in more documentation and notes as to what to alter if you want to change the times, which planes to affect etc etc. This is something I am interested in having on my map so il come back to this thread later on when i have time to fiddle none important map things

You know, uzumi, I’m sure that for a good modder like you, it would be very easy to adapt ocean tide to your map.
You just need to adapt it to your waterplane, postprocessing and physic volumes.

Updated to the last version. Most simple, do not remove original physicVolumes.
Please have a try, I will help you to adapt if you want.