[WIP] Null Coalescing Operator

I’m excited to announce that my Null Coalescing Operator for Blueprints is ready for beta-testing. I wanted to invite a few community members to snag a free copy (so HMU via DM if you’d like one).

This is something that I’ve wanted for a long time in my own blueprints. This year, I’ve finally carved out some time to develop some of my UE4 (micro-)tool wish-list.

I’ve posted in-depth documentation here, but here’s a quick summary:

The Null Coalescing Operator returns the first of its given inputs that is not null.
So, if you want to say “if I have a shield, then the shield should receive damage - otherwise, I should receive damage”, then instead of doing this which is messy:

… or this which is less optimized and more tedious:

… you can use a Null Coalescing operator!

There’s also a Null Coalescing Assignment Operator, which, in short, implements lazy-initialization.
Example lazy init.png
In this blueprint, Spawn Minimap only runs the first time, or after anything else changes the Minimap variable back to null. Otherwise, the Minimap cache variable is used.

Those are just a few examples - there are several more here, and a handful of additional features planned which will add a whole slew of additional use-case patterns. The Null Coalescing Operator certainly isn’t something that I would expect to see used gratuitously throughout a blueprint, but for the specific use cases to which it does apply, it’s a really nice tool to have on hand, especially for those of us who are used to programming languages like C# that have null coalescing built-in.

Questions? Thoughts? Requests? Fire away!

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