[WIP] NPC bush people

Violent NPCs



This is fantastic how did you get the skeleton to work?

Watching every tutorial on youtube and searching the forums

Nice work! I think the bush would look better if it were parented to the pelvis on the character, so that it bounces up and down with the animation when they run.

Yes, I agree. Will be updating today.

If you can help me with a small matter I’m stuck on at the moment. The BTTask —> animation montage workflow. tried following this example but the end is cut off, any suggestions?

What does the bit that’s cut off do? Or what do you think it does/need it to do, at least?

My guess is that after it does the “Get Value as” node to get the Tree To Chop variable, it calls whatever function is used to actually take the tree down.

Do you recommend doing it this way?

Without having looked at how ARK has this stuff set up normally, I couldn’t really say - but it seems fine. If it works, ship it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this still available: ((