WIP Neuroanatomy Explorer for VR

I’ve been building this model of the nervous system for several months. I have no neurology background and am doing this to learn neuroanatomy myself, because I can’t remember things ever. Here is an earlier demo, to start: http://i.imgur.com/WE9icah.gif

And here is a clip from last week:

The cortex mesh I am currently using is derived from the Brain for Blender project (Creative Commons SA 3.0), which in turn is based on the Desikan-Killiany-Tourville atlas devised by the Mindboggle people. I’ve also been using the Albany Medical College Virtual Brain software extensively for 3D reference, so a shoutout to those peeps too.

Ultimately I hope to release this as a free desktop VR (testing on a Rift), mobile VR (testing on a Gear VR, aiming for Daydream), and non-VR mobile experience, catered to a general audience that knows next to nothing about neurology. To raise awareness and promote basic neuroliteracy.

It would also be good to create a version for students, if I can find neurologists interested in collaborating to fact-check everything. First I have to learn ZBrush and re-sculpt all the lobes and their meticulous gyri and sulci first, though.

I am currently looking for a programmer, if anyone is interested. Finally, I’d like to plug my VR education subreddit, /r/learnVRdev.

Some progress updates on new brainstem artwork over the past few months (there’s some new scripting too, but haven’t had time to capture it yet):

Here is an updated video of the tool, this is a few weeks old but I think it gives a decent feel for the software. I’ve already begun implementing new stuff (such as motion controls and highlighting of different cortical regions), which I should be able to show off in a week or two.

Now with motion tracking

And here’s an even newer video update, showing motion controls and highlighting of individual gyri and cortical elements. Things are starting to come together now :slight_smile: