(WIP)My small parkour game(don't have name atm)

I’ve got an idea for a small parkour game. And at this moment I’m prototyping parkour system. So far I’ve made vertical and horizontal wall runs(might redefine some conditions for wall run duration and velocity) Also I’m not sure about letting player to jump from wall to another wall and continue or start new wall run seems a little bit imbalanced(but fun) Here’s vid of what I’ve made so far
P.s. Sorry for bad english! Also how do I add youtube videos here?(can’t find a way to do it with a new forum)

It seems to be working pretty nicely, congrats.
It doesn’t seem easy to implement.

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Thanks a lot!

Small update on parkour system. Added multiple wall runs(have to be different wall) and ability to climb on ledges(mantle? not sure - english is not my first language, sorry!).

P.s. I still don’t know how to post video here. Like how to post it as youtube video player. If anyone can help it would be very nice! Thanks and good luck!

Hey @grandcoyote,

To put a video link in your post just copy-paste a youtube URL then paste it here as a line of its own and viola, a video! Hope this helps friend. :smiley:

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Thank you!

Greetings, @grandcoyote, and thank you for sharing the progress of your parkour game here in the UE forums! Your prototype parkour system is coming together very nicely; congrats. Also, happy New Year; I’m excited to see how your creation evolves throughout the year! :tada:

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Thank you and happy new year!

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