[WIP] My Last Friday

The Game

My Last Friday is a flashlight-free horror game with a haunting dark story, clever puzzles and combat. You play as Howard Goodson who finds himself locked inside an old house. While trying to find the way out he falls deeper into a twisted world filled with dark secrets and gruesome creatures. With every step he takes it becomes more clear, that he is not just a randomly chosen prey but a key character in a game. A game controlled by someone’s sick mind.



  • Speak, not just read: Discover the story of My Last Friday through conversations with other characters. The choice is yours what you ask and what you answer. But choose carefully because the way you speak may have some influence on how the story goes on or ends.
  • Solve puzzles and collect items to unlock new areas and make progress. If you’re looking for more challenge there are puzzles even with a more complex solution for harder difficulty settings.
  • No hide just fight: In My Last Friday you don’t have to run away from enemies or hide in stinky lockers and cabinets. You will have the ability to fight back.
  • Flashlight-free environment design: The game levels are bright enough so there’s no need to hunt for batteries and hold a flashlight all the time. Grab a giant kitchen knife instead and cut some holes in the monsters!


i think you did a good job. and nice music to go along with the trailer

I almost forgot about this thread, but the project is still alive so I’ve made a little update on the original post :slight_smile:

looks scary!