WIP my first project housing EU

put pictures of my first project after reading a lot on this forum and internet.
I’ve also done a lot of testing

Just a tip for future screenshots:

Hit play or alt+P , F11 for fullscreen, open the console “`” key and wright “HighResScreenshot 2” or just Highres and hit tab for to be faster. The 2 means x2 image size in pixels.

It’s a great start! I agree with Robbie that you should be Playing in order to get the best screenshots. The editor uses a simple MSAA anti-aliasing (or was it FXAA?), while you can enable Temporal AA in the game, which will fix a lot of issues that I’m seeing. There seems to be a lot of noise in your shadows and some textures, so hopefully a true screenshot could fix those.

New Screenshots upload


when I start an animation , the light is not applied to the geometry

Sorry for the late reply. It looks better and that splotchy noise is gone. Good!

In the video, that is texture streaming. It means that the game initially loads a smaller sized lightmap and other textures so that the game starts quickly. In Matinee’s “Movie” settings, you can disable texture streaming to get rid of that.