[WIP] MRRadTools.INC SFR 100T

Thats my first Mod for ARK/UE4 - i need Testers and Feedback - THX

I hope the Community like my Mod

Impressive ! Will download it right away :slight_smile:

thx - i hope all work well - that was the first time that i used UE4.

Thats nice. really good looking texture, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Really nice Asset! :slight_smile:

The Gun is primary made for FNV (Fallout New Vegas) - but i look with ARK also very good -> new Mod for ARK - (Release for FNV is later)
My Profil (NEXUS): MRRadioactiv NEXUS

Nice work MRRadioactive, it looks great - some cool stuff on your nexus page as well :slight_smile:

Thx, - sad is only that i have current a few problems with my Ark mod (visit the mod page) - i hope anyone can help me.

i may be able to assist if i no the problem?

Wow, that’s looking great!!

The next update: i migrate all to the Epic Launcher ARKdevKit, and ill add the first deco content (a chair :slight_smile: )
-> and the name of this Mod.
planed: table, Couch, and more :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s some great looking furniture MRRadioactiv – you’re gonna be verrry popular with the Community with stuff like that :slight_smile:

Yeah…i know :slight_smile:
The icon is current only a placeholder :wink:
i am not full happy with the UV layout - i am sure that the final version look different. (the plan is that the table/chair use one texture - save memory)


Release now! Please report all Bugs - thx

Really nice !

Thx, Ditsov.

The next Update add a new bed:

Update is up!

Next Update:
#Scope Engram fix
#Table Defence: oeopcc6r7oqxtxm6g.jpg