[WIP] Mount and blade template (download free soon)

im working on a project at the moment that basically allows you to build an rpg game like mount and blade
the template will allows you to play in a mini map, visit villages, towns and citys (with a basic blueprint called BP_Buildings it would allows you to change the name of the city, change the meshes of the of the city, the scene that woudl be opened and more),
sails the sea (when the players gets inside the water he becoming a ship and vice versa, there would be more added soon, stay tuned

the download link would be avilable after ill finish the project in my youtube channel:

ship blueprints and model

To Do:
stone castle, desert castle models
caravans\bandits AI
camera movements
ight cycle

NOTE:** there would be no fighting only the basic, for example if you encounter with an bandit you would start to walk with him just like in mount and blade but if you start to fight you will just spawn in a new scene without any fight happning


Im looking forward to this!

new ship model

finished the villages meshes

Hey Zachery Broski,
Got a few feature requests for this project template -

  1. Port Cities - Make is so that we can only launch large ships from a port. Think a large troop transport, large trade ship, or a large frigate. I say this as this would make it critical to capture port cities to move across large bodies of water, trade, etc.

  2. Hidden Areas - Things normally not on a normal travel map. Things like Caves, bandit hideouts, hidden treasure, etc. These things should be able to be discovered by talking to people and just exploring the areas.

  3. Static Resources - These are resources that do not move. So for example - A Silver mine, Stone Quarry, a University, etc.

  4. Movable Resources - These are resources that move on the world map. So for example - Cows, Wild Horses, Deer, etc.

  5. Landing Sites - So an enemy is not going to let the player walk up and take a port city from the sea. Being able to disembark from a large boat would be important to take one. Basically what I am suggesting is various points along the coastline that larger ships can drop off troops but cannot land.

Questions -

  1. How do you plan on handling the player pawn for the levels that make up the villages, towns, and castles?

  2. Do you have a dialogue widget that pops up when initially entering the various towns?


  1. its possible but you need to understand that im not making a full game just a begginers template so there is no troops gaining and no actual fighting, its basicly the mini map with a bit more stuff in it
  2. great idea i will do my best to make it
  3. i will probobly create a random spawner blueprint and you would be able to choose what will be spawned so you could spawn Resources bleuprint
  4. same as 3
  5. its would be pretty dificult to create cause i didnt really understood, basicly you cant select what kind of a ship your going to have so yea but after i wil release the template you can create a boat shop?!


  1. the player pawn will be a third person character so lets say you selected a map that you want a specific village to have, so when you will play and get inside the village you will be in a third person character in the selected map
  2. yes im working on them at the moment i will publish a wip image soon

Are you still working on this template?

Sadly no, The computer with the project files( and sadly many more) got deleted few months ago and ive lost everything, sadly i wont have the time to make it even tho i really want to so maybe in the far future ill start again, :slight_smile:
keep an eye on my youtube channel incase of any update.

oh man that sucks sorry to hear that by chance could you give me some information on how you got started with it. I am interested in just learning the basics of how you got started.

ive started with the UE4 Top Down Template for the character movement, created few blueprints like a main village blueprint that has a village mesh with a trigger that opens a widget that allows you to open a second map of the village or a water volume which is a trigger that i put above the water meshes and when the player enter the volume its mesh changes to a shop mesh

Awesome great thank you. I love your tutorials by the way! Keep up the good work.

oh thank you very much, i will