(WIP) Modular mesh Packs for the Community, for FREE!

We few @ PermafrostDevelopment thought it would be nice for us to create some modular mesh packs for people to use in level designing.

First pack will be released later today/tonight and will be a simple modular Wood pack, it will consist of;
4 individual bolt meshes, 2 rusty 2 clean.
12 individual Beams, 6 long 6 short (some broken)
12 individual Thin Beams, 6 long 6 short (some broken)
12 individual Planks, 6 long 6 short (some broken)
1 Base floor mesh

The pack will consist of 2 materials/2 testure sets, one plain wood, and one with painted wood.

If you have suggestions for more modular packs, then just tell us and will see if we can get it done after we release this pack tonight.


that sounds very cool. will the beams have textures or just the mesh itself?

Everything will be textured :slight_smile:




A our team has a meeting 13th september in which we are going to show some of our project, so we are going to focus on that first. After that we will work on other packs also before releasing them together. (I got the suggestion of electrical circuiting/metal packs, and a stone pack)
We will post more updates after 13th september, maybe before if we can spare the time to work on it :slight_smile:



Sneakpeek of our Wood pack (It isn’t finished/polished yet, but here is some texturing images, some modeling images and some images of a test structure made in Unreal in around 20 minutes with the modular pieces)