[WIP] Modular Castle Kit - Exterior and Interior

Hiya guys,

I’m currently working on a modular castle kit for the marketplace. This kit is going to enable you to quickly piece together a castle, with exterior and interior, as well as blueprint doors that can open and close.

As of starting this thread, I have the block out complete, I’ve created the first trim sheet, and I’ve been building the first set of modular pieces that utilize that trim sheet.



Modelled the one of the window. Gradually working my way upwards.



Looks awesome - hurry up and finish so I can buy it :wink:

Hehe, cheers! :slight_smile:

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This might be something I’d consider using. cost being a potential factor.

Hey guys. As it’s been brought up a couple of times, I guess it’s a good idea for me to prod you a little bit. What sort of price range would you expect it to be?

The aim of this project is due to be the rest of the castle, modular elements to build the structure. Not really any of the fill assets like furniture and stuff. So it’s going to be more of a building construction set. If you would give me a rough idea, that would be really useful. Cheers.

I set up a blueprint for the doors with some easy to use functionality to either smoothly open and close the doors, or to snap them open or closed.

[UPDATE] I released I had the wrong rotation type and have changed it to local rotation.

Worked on some of the cylindrical assets and created the foundation asset.

I’ve also done some slight tweaks to the lighting.

Very cool castle!

Thanks, it’s slowly getting there! :slight_smile:

I’ve finished working on the balcony section. There is a foundation, boy, floor and top section.

Current progress of the modular castle set. I’ve made my way up to the roofing. I’ve modelled the basic roof sections and have started to play around with the textures that will be used. Thankfully Substance makes this a lot easier to try different things quickly. I will then need to finish the last of the large assets and then work on the final, small detail assets.

Today’s progress: Pretty much finished the exterior pieces. Just need to create the small detail props. I can then finish off the interior assets. I need to make some stair ways and support/internal pillars.

This has now been released!

To view the product on the marketplace: Modular Gothic Castle Exterior and Interior Pack in Environments - UE Marketplace
I’ve started a new thread on the “Released” forum: [RELEASED] Modular Gothic Castle Exterior and Interior Pack - Released Projects - Unreal Engine Forums

Just purchased - two thumbs up.

Great use of trim sheet, assets are low poly.

Highly recommended for the price - almost think price is too low.

Nicely done!

Cheers! Thanks for the review too! Helps a lot! :slight_smile: