[WIP] Map: Planet Enlangiath

Planet Enlangiath
A map mod coming to Ark in the near future!

Hey all!

Sinari & Mr.Pwndabear here with a little preview of a map (so far its just one 63x63 submap) we’ve been working on for our own game we are developing in Unreal Engine. We decided we wanted to bring the map into Ark as a map mod, so we’ve begun working on getting another version in UE4 ready for transfer into the ADK.

It’s going to be a number of very large submaps that will fit together to create a “planet” (not truly, but as close as we can get it without impacting performance). There will be biomes, and all that fun stuff :wink:

*Enlangiath will feature a TON of new foliage into Ark as resources if we can bring our Speedtree Libraries into the ADK, along with some very unique features/functionality

NOTE: Speedtree imports now work without causing a crash with the latest binaries* :slight_smile:

Some new resources planned:

-Dog Rose
-Tree Nuts
-& more to be announced soon

Unique/New functionality: TBA (TBA = To be announced ;))

Some Teaser screenshots from inside UE4:

Note: I had not built proper lighting for these screenshots, so there is some shadow issues in some of the screenshots :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay tuned for more info :slight_smile:

  • Sinari & Mr.Pwndabear

whoa :o

that look great to see so much different tree :smiley:

I concur! I was tired of seeing the same trees all the time too, so we decided to bring in all these epic trees and foliage :smiley:

yea, it’ll be awesome seeing dino’s run around in this map!

So this is your super secret project :smiley: Looking great man

Actually this isn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Will probably be a piece of it though down the line :wink:

And thanks good sir!

Shouldn’t have shared so many of my map secrets -.- :smiley:

Looking great! Are those the assets from the open world demo by the way?

@Thatguynex Nope, but the grass material is from the Kite Demo!

@Uzumi You act like I don’t do game design outside of the Dev Kit :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew I recognized the grass from somewhere, I had the same idea of using the Kite demo and open world assets (pretty sure some are in the base game too lol).

I stand corrected actually, I do believe some of the rocks I used are from the Open World Collection xD

Sinarisinestro - Looks really good! I cant wait to test out new Maps with my MOD, and eventually dig into map creation.

Thanks a ton man :smiley:

Map making is quite fun honestly, I’m willing to bet you will enjoy it.

@Everyone Just a heads up for anyone who works with UE4 outside of the Dev Kit, and decides to make a map in there first, just know that pretty much nothing from that project that is a .uasset will be transferable over into the ADK (at least in current ADK build). At least from the extensive testing I did, I wasn’t able to get it into the ADK. So pretty much you would be doing double the work, unless you are making the map for another purpose originally :stuck_out_tongue:

OooOo love the look!!

New one looks nothing like this currently. We hope to be able to import it as a submap for the overall map, but currently cannot get it into the ADK along with a bunch of other assets from the Kite Demo (actually nothing from the KiteDemo will import at all). Hoping that importing .uassets will get fixed here in time before the contest submission due date comes around :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys will get way more impressive results with all the contest submissions overall I think, if everyone is able to make use of all their marketplace content and content from WIP projects in UE4 :wink:

to import i just drag the folder into the mods folder in my explorer and it automatically updates it to be in the devkit?

Import what specifically? .uassets?

you using same stuff as me :slight_smile:
kitedemo material :slight_smile:
nice :slight_smile: