{WIP}[MAP] Ogopogo

Hi Guys Im a complete beginner to game design in general but have been an avid follower of the scene for a long time.
So since i noticed the devkit is a really easy way to ease myself into something I know almost nothing about.
After some tinkering and finding it to be similar to how photoshop works I should do fine.
I do however have a pretty ambitious plan to make a huge map mod with new caves and ruins etc.
I will be updating this thread as much as possible with updates of my map.
Please go easy on me and im willing to take advice my map so far is pretty basic with a canyon, a few mountains and a river with a lake (no water as of yet).

working on a custom made volcano
The weird pillar esque wall is going to have supply drops on it but its a leap of faith situation.

A river thats a work in progress deciding whether or not to keep the stalagmite type rocks or not

Looks great there is no viewpoint better then playing and testing the map for those “stalagmite type rocks.”

right im working on figuring out how to add the post processing and adding water to rivers because for oceans its mainly just add the water plane XD
Thanks for the encouraging words though ive spent about 20 hours on it and its nowhere near down as you can see. Sin told me i should make a thread here so here i am =D

open the test map to look at how they did add the water block :wink:

Itll probably come down to me having to mesh my own rivers etc but it doesnt seem too hard I skipped water for now and started putting plants and rocks on my map then grass give it some filler

BUmpity been working on adding foliage and iversifying obviously I have a ways to go but hey im alone and doing it all from learning XD.
The part at the beach that looks out of place currently I plan on painting it with rocky textures and turning it into a natural barrier zone, I have an idea for a tc involving capture the flag haha.
Still no water because I have to load the main island map in to receive certain things like the waterplane for some reason it doesnt show up atm.