WIP : M-70 Yugo

I t was blast doing this project, everyone need to do one AK - 47, low poly with 4k texture, can be scale down no NRM map mirrors.
Building weapon pack for market place, second weapon i had 6 in mind

Any feedback is appreciated

looks really good! Beautiful render :slight_smile:

Thank you bud

Looks good, how many poly?

You forgot one of the axis pins. The one for the Auto Sear!

@half-rats can you please send me link of missing part ?
@andiVR its low poly all of my models are low poly and extremely optimized 3600 polys with magazine and bullets.

I can, yes. Also, I can send you real world references of AKs if needed. I collect them, lol


Great rendering of this AK-47. Looks great, I can’t wait to see additional assets from you. Thanks for posting!