[WIP] Lux - Witch sisters star in a constellation themed puzzle adventure!

This is a game that we’re working on for our final year of university!

The team consists of Alex Taylor in charge of environment art and gameplay and me (Anna Tateson) in charge of characters and giving Alex pretty things to put in the environment.

We also have some awesome freelancers working with us: Sharon Lau (who was part of the project before me and helped conceive it) made the first character (Sol); Katherine Padley rigged our characters; Kirstie Scarlett-Bruff is animating for us; Amber Durant made the awesome music and Muniza Fazal is currently animating for us, too!

In *Lux, *you play as two young witches who have grown up in a world where the constellations are all gone from the sky and your astrological power is non existent. Following ancient legends about a terrible monster who is holding all of the constellations captive, you travel to the tower of the Sun and Moon in order to rescue them.

The game is two-player local co-op where both players share the screen. In order to rescue the constellations, you must solve puzzles using the magic that you channel through your Sun and Moon wands.

This video is for our beta submission at uni. In many ways, it is messy and unfinished: we still have a lot of work to do but hopefully it gives an idea of what the game will feel like. All of the gameplay was recorded by us in real time. We have our final submission at the beginning of May but we will probably keep refining it after that.