WIP - Loft Interior

Hi everyone, I want to share the progress of this work to the end. I hope to finish it before the end of this month if I do not have a lot of work, I will try to finish it as soon as possible.

Deputy some image, still lacks much improved, is in the initial process unreal.
I took a finished project in 3ds max which I am modifying to introduce it into unreal engine 4.

The house itself does not exceed 256 lightmap (roof, walls, woodwork, paneling, flooring, etc).

In the bedroom I have not uploaded the resolution of lightmap to any object, only the covers 256.

I’m still tweaking the lighting and decorating the rest of the loft, still change a lot.
So even I do a build more quality for the moment.

I hope you like it, thank questions and comments.

Build in 39 minutes iMac 27 i5, gtx 775, 24gb ram.

Looks good but why do you have flooring wood on the doors and walls?

Hello friend.
First let me congrats for your amazing work.
and I was wondering if you could give me your email. I am learning how to use unreal for archviz.
and once in a while I would really love to have someone to ask little questions.
do you think you could help me out? thanks so much in advanze.

It is a Loft that already exists and is done well, the bathroom and some things are hidden behind these wooden walls.

Personally I can not teach anybody, I do not have time, but for here for the forum can answer if someone has doubts.

Here is a sample of a guide I made for modeling, it is not definitive, but for now it works well.
For this occasion I have used this technique, but also can be done in other ways depending on the model.

What does this technique mean?.

As a newbye in UE4 I don’t understand what you are trying to explain, sorry.

Kind regards.


If you look at the image, the house is divided into colored pieces and guide you see the colors match.
I used to determine the size of the pieces that I’ll cut the different pieces of modeling.
Also in relation to size, resolution value lightmaps objects once exported to unreal.
On occasion it may be necessary to vary the value of a block, but for the beginning of modeling helps you extructurar the cutting.

I could not even finish this job, is stopped for the moment, but will continue along next week.


the quality of the last picture is so good i think i won’t use vray anymore (well, for small interior projects at least!)
may i ask how did you get rid, if you did, of the weird AO artifacts i can see in the corridor in the first post?
really cool, keep updating us ^*

Well I will try as far as possible use unreal, because once I realized the project can make catches 6k to deliver to the customer.
And you forget about having to render in Vray as well as render when you ask for a change of material.
If you want a video, you do it in too unreal and forget render times as many frames.
And if you also ask for material changes in the video, also the beams without rendering.
The only thing you would have to re-build the lighting is if you have to change or modify an object modeling.
If the end you have a scene that just takes two or three hours, and you are between this and what I say, an advantage over render engines like Vray or Corona.

I’m still using them but because I do a lot of quick things, which I assume not much advantage them with unreal, but eventually guess faileth doing everything with unreal.

To the question you ask about the artifacts, they were in very poor quality and not at the end.
All that lighting and initial configuration of the first post, is discarded and totally different from the way I’m coming towards the end of this project.
In which I’ve been working a long time and are many times I’ve erased everything and started again from scratch.

According to you you begin you think you’re on the road and when you progress is complicated and you have to go back, I want to debug and obtain a perfect way to work.
I have to think about producing any kind of job where I was if you have a problem, to recognize and know how to fix it immediately.

Right now at this moment I am trying out other things in this project, say that I try to achieve the same result of this last image, but changing some things.
To compare if I get the same result and which one is better.

Look, koola or rafareis, not as good writing their names. One of the two think wearing a white cubemap.
I use one like it, I put it in skylight and ambient postprocessvolume 0.01 cubemap in giving me a little more light is subtle but noticeable.
And then obviously you have to spend hours to learn to use well postprocessvolume as it is a fundamental part.

Hello everybody!

I was trying different materials throughout the house is a mess right now everything seems to have decorated the house crazy.
But it’s because I’m trying many materials, since many parts of the house will be configured in 3 different versions.
I was bored and decided to make a wet glass, still it lacks improve a lot, but I want to share a snapshot of how it has been my first try.
I hope to improve it and get something truly realistic.

Greetings to all :wink:

I apologize… Was testing something which I accidentally posted!

OK no problem. :wink:

Looks good JMSC. How did you light the scene and did you tweak any .ini files to get that clean lightbake. Ty :slight_smile:

I have not played here yet .ini, I’ll leave that to the end if I see necessary. For now I do not see it necessary and try not to touch it, I still think that in most cases I see would not need.

At the moment we are working also on the menu, everything runs smoothly without failure and now goes perfectly.
We must implement more things than what you see in the catches, we will put a shooting mode where the user can change certain parameters as if it were a camera.

The buttons are on the menu are provisional, when everything is finished we turn to section design.

We are programming everything for ourselves, we do not use anything purchased or downloaded, as we understand well how it works and solve any problem we have when developing a project for any client.

Very nice clean results. Chromatic aberration maybe a tad strong but it may just when the menu is open, which is fine in that case!

Thanks, but as I realized something I can change at any time I have not paid attention.
No happens to you sometimes? know you have to change something and you leave it there even though you’re noticing, will change it anyway but …

Well, I have to hurry because I have a meeting tomorrow and I have to show a demo to a customer who is just interested in the product with some urgency.