[WIP] Living room Archviz

Hi all,
this is my second project and please don’t be too mean with me.

All suggestions are appreciated :rolleyes:

Hope you like it :slight_smile:





Nice :slight_smile: But I would recommend you to change lights to more orange color and more AO, especially under tables and other stuff, because now it look like they don’t cast any shadows.

Lighting is much too saturated, should be a very slight blue or orange. Materials and modeling look good, though many surfaces seem a bit flat. Otherwise, great work!

I have to say I like the color choice for the lighting, but as the above posters mentioned you may want to desaturate it a little bit. The materials could use a little more work, specifically with regards to PBR. Keep it up. =)

Thank you all for the suggestions. I’ll do my best to fix the lighting and the materials =)

Fixed Lighting and shadows :slight_smile:




Looks Better, but shadows are very hard. And u did not bake the light. Before doing this, try to enable Ambient Occlusion in Lightmass settings, I think this will make the room more realistic.

Enabled AO and built lighting.






not much shadows under the chair thingys, check them

Still too saturated though. Realistically, even hardcore older lightbulbs won’t be higher than 10% saturation. The lighting, if you want a realistic look, should be almost white with just a hint of color in it. There does also seems to be very few shadows for the furniture; did you bake just preview lighting or production?