[WIP] Learning UE4 - Construction Site level

Hey all. I’m going to use this thread as a place to show my progress with learning Unreal Engine 4. I’ve never used Unreal before, so I think this is going to be a lot of fun! My plan is to make all the art myself to familiarize myself with how the new materials in UE4 works, as well as lighting and particle effects. I intend to start with a single room, and then expand upon it as I get more comfortable with the engine. My main focus will be to create 3d props and textures, not the level design itself.

I’m making an indoor construction site, and have blocked out the room I’m going to start with;

Feedback is greatly apreciated in this thread!

Made a couple of props. They’re still WIP, and not final in any way. The cement bags don’t have specular or a decent normalmap yet. I also need to figure out how to make the plastic wrapper transparent and reflect more so it looks like real plastic wrapper. If anyone can help me out with that by pointing me in the right way, I’d be very thankful!


This looks really good. Keep it up.

Basic, but its a start! How many polys is th elamp and the wrapped pallet of cement bags? Would a diffuse map with near white where the wrapper is not make it shiny at least? Then just a translucency node controlled by a little math.

Thanks. The lamp is around 2500 polys. It has a lot of beveled edges, since it’s going to be in such a small environment, I didn’t really bother keeping the count down. The cement stack is around 8000, same detailing as the lamp.

Gotten the plastic wrapper to work for now, but gonna go back and tweak it once I understand more of the material editor in UE4.