[WIP] Kitchen


I’ve been working on a small kitchen scene for the last few weeks. Still need to finalise the lighting, and I’m currently working on more assets to make the place seem more lived in, but I’d love any feedback/critique.

Looks good. Things I would add:
A round clock
A wall mounted phone 90’s style
Spice rack
Hand towels
Chopping board
Overflowing food scraps bin with bits of carrot and onion around
Calendar and pinboard full of accumulated docs, holiday magnets, post cards
Brown paper grocerie bags with celery sticks and baguettes poking out
A household memento pinup like “home sweet home” or “If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen”… Yadda yadda etc.

Just think of the TV series friends and what they had in their kitchen in the 90’s.

Keep up the good stuff.


Thanks for the reply. Some good suggestions in there!