(WIP- Just starting) Tactical Grenade variants

I want to make this mod as a starting project to learn modding for Ark using the devkit. Im going to spend 2 to 4 hours a day(if I can obviously work comes first and I am supposed to be leaving for a month soon!) on learning and using the devkit as well as blender for making models and eventually animations in the future. The goals of the mod are:
**Create a Tactial Grenades Fabricator/Workbech
**Create and implement approx. 7 grenade variants from list of grenade concepts and drawings
First planned grenade type: Heavy Grenade: An explosive grenade that requires more crafting materials and gunpowder and is heavier and harder to throw but produces a more powerful explosion
**I want to start by using the regular grenade model as a placeholder while i get the grenades to do what I want them to do, than I will import models as I go.
**Cook and create the mod for use in the workshop
**Update and build upon the mod as I learn more about the dev kit

I have only completed the concept stage of making the mod as I have no experience with the dev kit yet. If anyone can point me to some useful information on how to start this type of mod adding new craftable and placeable items as well as useable throwing weapons I would greatly appreciate it! Im going to keep digging around in my free time and will update my progress and change my post as I go.