[WIP] Jigsaw Inventory

Hello guys after lurking around there really wasn’t too much of a easy to customize jigsaw inventory, I have been working on this for some time now getting it to work with replication as well has taught me quite a bit about the structure of UE4. Figured I would post here and see if any one is interested in seeing it in the market place or if I should keep working on my game and release a good hack n slash starter kit.

-Contains in the jigsaw-
*Drop items
*Pickup items
*Showing item names(soon to be organized better)
*Inventory effects(Changing slot colors based on if you can fit an item in that area or not)
*Change the size of the inventory and items with ease
*Changing columns and rows that each item will take up
*Viewing other inventories(right now just click any actor with inventory to view that inventory)
*Item Desc Window(In progress)
*Equipping items(In progress)
*Multiple Bags(Future Already know what I need to add to get this baby working)
Probably some more things I can think of while adding in stuff.

Everything that is in the project is replicated to work on networking as well!

Just want to see if there is any demand for something like this.

bump to see if any interest

If there is any thing you would like to see I can implement it as well.

Any chnace of a tutorial on how you did this??? ive been trying to wrap my head around how its done for my little project (its nothing ill ever release or probably finish) but so far I haven’t been able to find any resource to point me in the right direction