[WIP] Japanese Valley

Hi everyone, i’m Adrian Moya and i will show you the progress of my final project for my videogame art master at Universal Arts School (Spain, Valencia).

We have to create an environment for a videgame and i’ll represent a glade in the middle of the forest with a japanese tematic.

I hope you like my project and I want you to share your opinions and suggestions.

The history under this environment is a sensei and her apprentice where shared a years of training in the arts of fighting.

The moment where the game begins is when the apprentice is ready to wield the legendary katana of his sensei.

She wants revenge because a relentless enemy betrayed and killed her sensei.

We will start on the ascent to the valley with different assets such as stairs, lanterns, statues and the entrance to the valley with a large Japanese arch.

In the valley you will cross a river with which there is a bridge to cross it and a water mill.

After crossing the river to the left will be the ornate sensei’s tomb.

And on the right a dojo with a target, a training dummy and shelves with weapons.

In front of the bridge will be the altar where the katana is located.

The atmosphere will be Japanese themed with vegetation and rocks surrounding the valley.
These are the references that I will use to guide me:


I updated my project with the addition of the border mountains and some trees (megaescans or external projects from epic) to see how it looks the space to work with the assets.

I adjusted the organization of the assets and add a house to the blocking.

I added the river and cascade (external projects from epic).

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I have started to paint the landscape with some grass and ground for the different roads.
I also added some fog to check how it looks.

I finished the modeling and UVs of the altar and is ready to texturize.

I finished the texturize of the altar, here are some pictures of the asset:

And put it on Unreal:

I made some progress with the katana:

Also, i modeled the torii arch and texturized with Vertex Painting on Unreal, thats the reason of the extra loops:

This last week i was working on the landscape textures. I used some surfaces of Bridge and created another one with Quixel Mixer:

At the same time i placed the grass and flowers around the scene:

Meanwhile i was working on some assets like the Dojo, rack for weapons, training sword and training spear:

Now i’ll texture the dojo with Vertex Painting and i created a Roof teexture with Quixel:

I texturized the spear and sword:

And painted the Dojo with Vertex Painting: