[WIP]Interior+DetailingAsset Lighting

hi all good day, I have been learning UE4 for months Im still looking for the right/practical method of realistic lighting.
current method Skylight+Lightmass.


Looks good to me. The couch has some nice soft shadows.

Looks nice. You left some nice darker areas for lamps to go and I think this will look great after all the lighting is set up.

Thanks for the comments @heartless @john
Now Im exploring the material workflow…

Looks really nice, love the subtle white dust effect on the furniture!

Thanks for comment. =) actually the white dust is the fabrics falloff effect that I wanted to achieve but seems failed haha…

Oh no it totally looks real- I just couldn’t think of the right word to use- it definitely looks like the light bouncing off the fibers of the fabric, good work :slight_smile:

awesome man look great congrats :slight_smile: , how many time to build the lighting ?

Building time is kinda fast now(10mins++) cos I use preview quality only. still figure out to fasten build time with reasonable time.

wow preview quality pretty impressive and 10 min, im kinda new and im still trying to figurate a good balance between building time/quality , what are your ligtmass settings ? btw your materials are looking so good

So Cool~Do you use 1024 light map resolution for all objects?

beside the floor or wall is 512. the rest of the staticmesh is 16-256 resolution try to keep reasonable resolution to avoid unnecessary slow render times :slight_smile:

Looks nice! I am wondering, do you use the fresnel effect on the diffuse or reflection slot of the material?

Use it on the subsurface section. Set it to white. But experiment.

I just fresnel hooked to diffuse…i think use SSS is expensive :slight_smile:

Hey how did you manage to get such a good lighting with skyligt? I am new to ue4 and i just added a skylight and the scene appears to be dark,then i added bp skyspehere but the lighting is too did you achieve this lighting?pls help

set the lighting level scale about .2 and light quality to 6 or higher,sky intensity about 5 (depend on your secen)and dont forget to read the article about lightmass.

Here the progress since then. Been busy lately pheew…






Looks great so far!

Tabano Chair in the making…:smiley:

p/s: Unreal Team when can we have Screenshot output with AA?? #UE4screenshotcaptureNOAA