[WIP]interactive foliage

Hi all
here’s my WIP
Wish you will like it

Pretty cool! Is there a tutorial on this?

Very nice! It looks like your using bones but I couldn’t tell on my phones small screen. If so isn’t that costly with large amounts of foliage?

Tested the same concept some time ago ?v=WAqmzbxsaC8
I didn’t use any elaborate blueprints though. Just physics.

Would be cool once we can paint blueprints with the veg tool

No bones
I use 2 Distances test in material . One for real collision,one for fake.
I can use timeline in BP to control the swimming when it’s overlay or not

Looks really good! Would be cool if you could show us a video how it looks like with a bush or another piece of vegetation :smiley:

I actually made a similar Material. It just gets the information of the playerposition from a blueprint actor, converts this into a vector and gives the information to my Mastermaterial of vegetation which is creating a displacemant. But i Dont have this realy nice bouncing effect :frowning: . How did you created him?

I do not think this will perform well in a large scene really…