[WIP] Infinite Maze blueprint

Good news, everyone!

I’m very new to Unreal Engine – and gamedev at all – and just started to learn it (literally few days ago), so please tell me if I should not post such things here.

I’ve made a blueprint to create an endless maze with Eller’s algorithm, which allows to append new rows to the maze infinitely.

You can check this project on my github page: https://github.com/norlin/EllersMazeGenerator
It’s basically working, but there is still some issues.

You can import the blueprint into standard Third Person example project (just need to add some floor) – when you hit the box collider, a new row will be added to the end of the maze.

The maze allows to set some parameters:

  • Tile width and height
  • Width (in columns)
  • Initial rows count
  • Static Mesh for the walls (default mesh is Wall_500x500 from standard assets)

The main algorithm is in MakeRow function – it’s not optimized yet and probably looks terrible.
Not sure even how to debug it – the console output which I’m using for now looks not very helpful in case of game development…

Known issues:

  • Slow maze generation
  • Sometimes loops appears (which should not happens with proper Eller’s maze)
  • No floor generation
  • Can’t change walls width
  • Don’t make any cleanup – so created rows always exists

Would be grateful for any reviews/advices/thoughts and so on!

Adding my comment on to this so that it does not get lost in the ravages of time.

No comments about the BP itself – is it so bad, or just no one interested?

Hi norlin,

I’m really curious how you’re going to apply an Infinite Maze. I can visualize using Clicker/Idle/Incremental Game design (ie: Cookie Clicker & Clicker Heroes) to develop a infinite game Maze, Monsters, Magic, & Money. I’ve developed several Procedural Generators in UE4. I’m using the Depth First Search to generate the Labyrinthine Dungeon of Dragon’$ Gold (and dabbled with a few other Proc Gen Algorithm’s), thus, the Eller’s algorithm is of interest to me.

Well, basically I’m working on this maze for a classic runner-style game (where player should choose right path to run). Of course, it’s not playable “as is” and there is a lot of work with the maze itself and with the game mechanics as well.