WIP - Imperial Chest of Conquest


My desire for this project is to highlight more the stylized sculpting aspect of this chest and make it appealing for animation movies or maybe for games.

The sculpting stage is completed…
Next step is to make the retopology from the high poly sculpt in Modo…

Concept Art by Yili Tan.

Environment Artist looking for freelancing job.


how many tris or polys is this model ?

The parts belonging to the key mechanism should stick with the upper chest.

Looks Nice, realy like the style of it

This is a high poly sculpt with millions of polys… Currently I’m working on retopology the model and make it suitable for using in U4.


The retopology stage is completed and also I have done the UVs on the low poly model.Modo 902 is used for initial low poly version before the actual ZBrush sculpt and for retopology and UV making. I am ready for backing procedures now.

you gonna texture it with realistic mat or stylish? it gonna be cool if you texture it with more stylish texture, just my opinion

Hey, raventhebird

Thank you for your advice. Actually I have plans to make several different types of textures sets for this chest including realistic and stylized one. Here is some final renders from Modo:

This model is around 16k tris and have detachable elements for more customization.

Unreal renders: