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See: [WIP] Identity Crisis - ShardLine Entertainment - Game Development - Unreal Engine Forums we are not realizing this project anymore. Thanks for the support!


Our first Game surrounds the world of Identity Crisis. A place very similar to Earth, yet it provides a unique and different setting. Traditional conflicts in politics, corporations and cultures are driven by very similar incentives that are grounded in reality. At the same time they are driven by a much different fight that one might first believe to see. It is a battle that is fought above and beneath our world, surrounding everything and everyone.

In the midst of a catastrophic war stands one cooperation and one man behind it. Bioshield and its Co-Founder and CEO James Hendriks, who is searching for a cure for a mysterious sickness that has led to the death of his daughter Melissa.

In the beginning the Player will discover that the people asked to research and create a cure, have something different in mind. After BioShield’s leadership has helped in rebuilding the world, they became the tip of technology and are in possession of a never ending resource pool. Hendriks’ despair is misused and the so-called cure has begun to spark the interested of many others - such as the two opposing political forces, Oculus and the Peoples Faction.

Identity Crisis will be about the personal and faction-based struggles of the involved parties, to overcome themselves, and the Status Quo of despair in the world.


  • 3rd Person Action-Adventure
  • The Player drives the Story through active and passive choices
  • The Player will play several Characters that show the different events in the world that are currently surrounding the story
  • Our moment-to-moment gameplay lives from movement and combat section that come in combination and is enriched with dialog and choices that change immediate and future outcomes.

Our first Demonstration


Our Demo will provide a sneak peak of the Story and lets the player take up the role of Samantha a Occulus Agent that was tasked to spy on the family of James Hendriks and his daughter Melissa. She is a very determined agent but felt a deep connection to Melissa and is ever since her faith in search of redemption.

In her newest mission she has been tasked to gather information on a facility that is listed in the black budget of BioShield, which will be our demo playable at Game Connection in Paris.


First Teaserhttps://youtube.com/watch?v=srf0kyTXR4s















Connect with us www.shardline.com/connect

Amazing job so far neryun! The story seems very interesting. I like how your team lists the key features of the project so we get an idea of what to expect for your game. Keep up the great work and be sure to keep us posted as you progress in the development of your project!

Thanks so much Sean, we try to talk a bit more on YouTube and other Channels about Gameplay and the Story a bit more. Hope we can get people excited about what we do.

Thanks at Epic for mentioning us on your stream. Very much appreciated! Couldn’t see it live to much going on back at gamescom :slight_smile: just saw it!

Added some impression of our current work. Hope you like it.

i really like the ending shot of the trailer and the logo looks badass :smiley:

Lookin’ great guys :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys :)! Looking forward to show more and gameplay coming up in the next couple of months.

Added some more Impressions and changed the Demo Text to be more directed towards what we are doing in our first Showcase Story-wise. Added a Gameplay section to provide in the future more insight.

Michael Böni and Jan Werner, our Game Director, will hold a Workshop at Ludicious - Zürich Game Festival about Unreal Engine 4 on the 19th of September.

Join the Festival and see some great games, developments and join some interesting talks!


Updated some of our Screenshots of the Prototype which we have posted on Twitterand Facebook





ShardLine is closing its doors. We wanna say thank you so much in the early days to Epic and their support.

Goodbye Message: Redirecting...

Our last shown work at Game Connection in Paris Fall 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khD70Qdg1GU

We will see us around :D!



That’s a shame. :frowning:

Is there any chance you could give us a post-mortem? It would be good to find out what went well, what didn’t, mistakes that were made, team dynamics, spread of expertise, what you learned, etc.

I can definitely do this. I just need to figure what platform would be suitable, if something like Twitch is good or just a Blog (if its going to be blog I just need to find somewhere where I can post it)

Thanks for the interest

Sorry to hear, this looked promising. =/

Thanks SE_Jonf :slight_smile: Yeah it was awesome to work on it. Maybe another time who knows.

Indeed, it’s ways a possibility. I wish you all good luck whatever you end up doing. =)

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: We will cook up something new for sure.

Here you go. Some parts might get answered some not, but I hope you get something out of it. Its a personal view how I felt about it: