WIP I Can Has Lazer

Here is a link to the Lol Cat game we’re making in UE4.

http://icanhaslazer.com/ and it’s facebook page. ?ref=hl

There are a bunch of animation video’s up but because of the NDA while in the Beta didn’t show anything about the cat’s AI. I’ll make some video that show’s the new Behavior Tree Editor and how using it to give life to the cats.

Edit: Said video

haha this is hilarious and a great idea for a game. Your going to take over the world with this lol

The concept is genius, and very amusing, and it looks fun too!

Thank you.

Right now we are still working on the animation controls. The base AI is in, now we are figuring out the best way to get the right animations to play while the cat turns. The direction we are going right now is not to use rootmotion, but are using a blendspace that can turn the cat’s body. It doesn’t have the kinks worked out yet.

I’ll put up a tutorial on how I got the Behavior Tree Editor working because it’s a really nice feature of UE4. But, it’s in the Labs section and undocumented at the moment. That might be a week or two though.

Haha, this is awesome! I love that this is one of the first external uses of the behavior tree editor. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Cat lovers around the world are smiling :slight_smile:
Id play it for a few giggles!

nice concept! good luck :smiley:

Very cool man!, Wish I could program better haha I will have too stick with blueprints :smiley:

Very cool and funny, looks like my cat ! Cleaning just a little more often

Nice one, I love cats too :smiley:

Can’t take the lol outta “lol cats” :slight_smile:

Game Of The Year!

Haha, love it! Between this, Goat Simulator, and CatLateral Damage I feel like there might be a new genre forming. =P

Side note; we actually have a internal chat channel that is basically dedicated to sharing cat related goodness. I am definitely going to share this there. =)

Let me doubt that :smiley:

Great concept, looking forward to the AI tutorial!

:slight_smile: This made my day! This will be shared. If only I could get my cats to actually chase a laser.

It appears to be a relatively simple game as of right now.
I love the concept…
This would be a game that I could potentially observe myself implementing to “Dashboard.”

Great concept - this could go far!

I fear I would have too much fun with this haha!

Ally Cat! - Man I loved playing that game as a kid, I wish someone would do it justice with a proper remake - would make a great mobile game.