[WIP] Hyper Space Smuggler

Sloth Games here and we want to tell you about us and our game !

We are located in Moscow and being trained by Game Developer Academy.
Our goal is making full game in 3 month. Our programmers have some unity3d experience and…they decided to accomplish this challenge by using UE4. Other teams still building their game on Unity and we gonna kick their *** =)

Now we have working runner part and game art. Police and global mode will be very soon.

Genre - 2d runner with shooter elements
Platforms - iOS, Android

Such characters as Han Solo and captain Reynolds from “Firefly” inspired to create this game where you will be able to be a Luck dealer, Smuggler, Police nightmare, Evasive shade and Fox. That’s the way.

People have still been having heated arguments about that legendary hero with ginger hair and white whiskers and his wants. Someone says that he is collecting money to bring back to life his home planet now resembling a landfill site, others say he is fitting up a super bomb in order to blow up the Brilliant planet, which he found in space. Sooner or later you will get to know, but not now.

Game play
Get missions for smuggling to other planets, upgrade your interstellar space ship in global mode.
Move beyond police cordons, asteroid belts and circumplanetary tracks in arcade mode but avoid police radar guns and civilians.
Have you been shot down with a radar gun? We knew that. Don’t lose your heart, to sneak out of danger just shoot back the police that is tailing you and don’t allow to drill holes in your body.
Among other things a real smuggler has to make choice between selling the goods to the buyer upon the agreement or make a donation to orphans on the planet.
If you sell the goods, you will be thanked and win honor, but sooner or later the orphans will cut your whiskers. Stop. Or the other way around?

Looks interesting. Good luck with your team, show the others why they should have used ue4 as well!