WIP Horror Game Project in UE4

Well I’ve Been working my first project in UE4 and would hope to make this into a horror game. I don’t want to get too ambitious. As of right now I’m doing all the art and when the time comes I’ll need someone with programming experience. If all else fails, I’m going to make it into a portfolio peice.

Here’s a few screenshots of my current progress:


I’m going for the P.T and Allison Road style as far as art. I need as much realism as possible because I think it adds to the atmosphere.

Let me know what you guys think so far :slight_smile: I’m looking for suggestions and feedback.

I’ll be posting more work in progress as I get the chance.

Here’s an update. I redid a lot of stuff and added more furniture to get this place looking more like a hotel.





Awesome start! I guess my big question would be what style of play are you looking to do with this game? Also if I had one critique is the lighting seems to be too bright in these rooms…looking at the light sources there the room would be much darker overall…but maybe you are trying to showcase the models in the scene here? either way good start!

Thank you! That’s right. My actual scene is fairly dark so I cranked up the brightness to show off some of the detail on the models and materials. The end result won’t be like that, I’ll upload some screens later that show the actual scene’s lighting.

I’m hoping to make gameplay in the style of P.T, whereas the walking is fairly slow as the game isn’t action oriented, I feel that promotes more exploration and gives the player time to notice small details in the environment. So the game will be all about exploration. I made all the drawers and doors openable so far because I want the player to be able to explore every nook and cranny. The other reason I need to make the player able to interact with everything is because, being a 1 man team I realize I won’t be able to make a very large map. So I need a lot of things to do in the small map so the players can’t just walk through and see everything there is to see in the first 5 minutes. There will be no battle or combat mechanics. I also plan on having the environment do the story telling, I’ll eventually add hidden notes and clues throughout the level as to what the objective is. I kind of want the player to be confused as to what’s going on at first. Nothing will really be “spelled out”. There will probably be some paranormal things going on in the background. It will be subtle. I never liked jump scares either. I want more “unsettling” so to speak.

Yo, id like to help

Sounds like a good plan, i know the pain of a 1 man team on game dev lol…if you need help or anything hit me up, i have been doing horror games in UE4 for a while now :smiley:

Hello! I’d love to help!

Check my soundcloud - I do music production and recently have been interested in focusing on the game development side of music production!

Message me back if you’re interested in working with me! - I love horror games and it’s the reason why I’m doing what I do to help others with achieving the atmosphere/feel of the game!