WIP Horror Game looking for UE4 scene creators/environmental artists, and concept artist

I have seen your post. Great work I must say.
Let me introduce you to our project -
The Way

In short - our Main Character is involved in car accident, looses consciousness and wakes up in a strange place, more like other world. There he must find a way to return to his home. On his journey he will discover strange things, find out about existence of many strange hostile entities, and meet a Guide who will help him.

Unlike most horror games of these days, we won’t focus on running and gunning around levels full of zombies with cliche scares, we’re going to have unique approach to this matter - first we immerse player inside the gaming world and then use lighting, sounds, objects - basically whole environment to give the creepy feeling and then scare him using common social and personal fears.

Notable Features:

  • First Person Perspective
  • Includes RPG elements(gender choice, character dialogues etc.)
  • Non-linear walkthrough, which involves exploring through detailed levels and allows different level completion(e.g. go through vents and reach exit with no problem/try to sneak through corridor,since you weren’t able to find screwdriver or want more action).

Our current goal?
Create 1st level which will serve a Demo for fundraising campaign and ensure development of the game until the end.

Right now we have some models done and need experienced artist to put them up in a neat scene in UE4.
We also need a concept artist.

Have more questions or want to see some of our concept art or models that we have? Feel free to contact me on