[WIP] HOPE - First SkinShader test

Hi Folks ,

i’m Kamel from COStudio combined of 4 persons and we have been working in our project for a month and wanted to share the result with you and i expect Suggestions and advises from this beautiful community

Presentation :
HOPE is a FPS/TPS game we aimed at Open World kind of game but for some reasons the Development hasn’t start earlier and we have till 15 September to release an Alpha build of it
so for now we want to make it kind of Survival / Zombie Game

we worked first on Player Movement and abilities so the player move,sprint,jump …
then implemented health and stamina the goal was to find some food or something that you can increase your stamina to keep it high so you can survive at night against zombies
and there is some “things” that you can interact with them

Weapons system :
the player will have 3 Slots for weapons 1 Primary 1 Secondary and a special
player will have a variety of weapons : Pistols , Rifles , Shotguns(my favorite) …

UI :
We are aiming at a 2.5D Hud and it’s not there yet :confused:

Rendring : this is what i Prefer :slight_smile:
i haven’t done a lot but i’m experimenting a Skin shader for the Main Character here are some pics

so i’m waiting your Advises about the shader and all the game

(Some will come later :wink: )

Sorry for the Pictures Now they should appear :slight_smile: