[WIP] [HELP WANTED] PokèWorld: Online!

Hello UE forums!

 I'm working on a really cool game project that aims to bring the world of Pokèmon to everyone to enjoy! Travel to Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, or Kalos and participate in races, competitons, contests, and, you guessed it: regional Leagues! Battle people and Pokèmon in a way you've never seen before, and train certain stats individually from actual level. 


Gym Battles: Battle a tough AI trainer using gym rules and try and win a badge. Earning 8 badges qualifies you for the regional League!
Solo Training: Pit one of your Pokèmon against an AI controlled Pokèmon you also own! Works well for stat training.
Impromptu Battle: Battle a trainer anywhere (except in the middle of towns) for a unique fight in different enviroments.
Trainer v. Trainer: Find a battlefield and battle trainers on an official field. Bets are enabled for this type of battle, and game types can be selected. (2v2, 6v6, etc.)
4 player Tag Battle: 2 trainers on each team work together to take down the opponent’s Pokèmon. Can only be done on battlefields.
2 player Tag Battle: Like 4 player Tag, except your teammate, and the opponent’s teammate, are AI controlled. Battlefield only.
Tourney: Battle by tournament house rules and try to be the best of the best! Found at leagues and Battle Clubs

Pokèmon Racing: Use your Pokèmon’s speed and agility to cross the finish line first.
Rhyhorn Racing: Mount your trusty Rhyhorn and race to the finish!
PokèRinger: Use a flying type Pokèmon to capture rings and place them on the post.

Use your Pokèmon’s skills in a way that will impress the judges. If you pass the first round, then prepare for a contest tournament: a battle where flashy moves and successful hits drain the opponent’s points. Whoever runs out of points first, has the least points at the end of the time limit, or faints loses and is eliminated. Earn 5 ribbons by winning contests and you can appear in the regional Grand Festival!

In the past, you were only able to play in turns, I don’t know about you, but I found it boring, even with all the strategy. So I’m develloping a battle system that is engaging, fun, and tactical!

As per standard, every Pokèmon has a cap of 4 moves. Using a move initiates a cooldown and saps some Energy, which is regained over time or under certain circumstances. Some powerful moves, like Hyper Beam, will render you unable to use moves and slows you down drastically for a short period of time, so use them wisely! As the player becomes more damaged, Energy regeneration will slow down. Moves and items that previously regained PP will now refill the Energy Meter and remove any Energy debuff. The player can be affected with many status conditions, such as Poison, Paralysus, and Freeze. These will affect both health and stats, so watch out. Status affects last for only a short amount of time, and repeated attacks from status-causing moves resets the countdown. Moves can be used both offensively and defensively, regardless of the attack. Collisions of attacks will either cancel out and explode, or one side will push through because it has more power. Using melee attacks at the same time as your opponent will deal reduced damage to both of you and push you both back.


This is a very amitious project, but one that I think we could pull off if we work together. To be frank, I’m actually new to UE4, so I’m no good on my own. That’s why I’m enlisting help from you, the Community.

What I need:
Voice actors - Send in your impersonations of different Pokèmon. Needed sounds for each Pokèmon are
3 Idle sounds
2 sounds each for happy, sad, angry, and scared
1 hurt_idle sound (like groaning or wincing)
2 hurt_short sounds
2 hurt_long sounds
1 attack charge sound (“Piikkkaaaaaa…”)
2 attach release sound (“…Chuuuu!”/ “…Chu-Pi!”)
1 quick attack (not the move) sound (“Pika!”)
Make sure theres no background noise, and it sounds very similar to the sounds in the Anime. Sound submissions can be sent here:

Animators - I’m currently learning how to animate, but I suck BAD at it. Also, its hard to animate 800+ Pokèmon all by myself! If you have some spare time, drop on by 3DS - Pokémon X / Y - The Models Resource and download the rigged models and textures. Animations needed for each pokemon:
Jump start
Jump end
3 or 4 different attack animations
Any taunts you can think of. Be creative, but be proper, and try to stick with the personallity of the Pokèmon (such as Hawlucha posing, Machamp flexing, Pichu mocking the player, etc.)
Send submissions to the E-Mail stated above, make sure you don’t alter the skeleton, and export as .fbx (watch out for the “add leaf bones” option, it’ll screw up the whole submission!)

If your item is accepted and works, I will add your name to the in-game credits and, if allowed by Nintendo, you will get Alpha and Beta access to the game.

Drop feedback in the comments section. I will try and post sneak peaks and updates as I go along.

EDIT: forgot to mention another important mechanic: Species Abilities. Certain Pokèmon have physical traits (such as Froakie’s and Frogadier’s frubbles) That can aid it in battle. Each species ability has its own cooldown and energy cost, and still suffers from Power Move Cooldown (the debuff from using something like Hyper Beam.) Species moves are not considered “moves” per se, and won’t be affected by moves like Mirror Coat.