[WIP] Haunted Motel 66(6) - Asset Pack

Hi everyone!

For my final year in university, I will be working on my first asset pack for the Unreal Marketplace.

The supernatural-themed pack will be a unique, low poly collection of assets. The project is called Haunted Motel 66(6) .

To begin, I will create a simple queen-sized bed and post progress updates over time. If anyone has constructive criticism or believes the project would benefit from any specific assets, I would love to hear you out and do my best to make the adjustments.

Also, there will be posts on my blog further detailing the evolution of the project.

P.S. - I created a playlist on Spotify to further influence the design process.

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Color Palette

Queen Beds:

Faces: 1485
Triangles: 2902
Resolution: 1024x1024

Purple Beds

Yellow Beds

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Lounge Chairs:

Faces: 708
Triangles: 1282
Resolution: 1024x1024

Purple Chairs

Yellow Chairs

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Faces: 1495
Triangles: 2768
Resolution: 1024x1024

Purple Sofas

Yellow Sofas

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