WIP - 'Halcyon'

Hey guys,

I thought I’d post the project I’ve been working on for my last year at university. It’s a short puzzle game I’ve called Halcyon which forms part of my research into the use of metaphor and symbolism in games.

Halcyon is a game exploring the cyclical nature of life, ideas, inspiration and creativity. It challenges players to break routine, seek out new inspirations and think back to a time where they were more open-minded. It’s designed as an interactive installation/art-game type thing that focuses on using metaphor and symbolism to convey these ideas. The main mechanic is a forced-perspective-based thing where the player must line up objects so that they fit together, but there are a few different levels with different stuff going on. Although it’s in a “complete” state, there are usability/stability changes I want to make before posting anything public.

Here’s the trailer:

You can also check out the blog I’ve been keeping over development here: [URL=]

And some screenshots:


Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: