[WIP] H1z1+1 Style Base Building

Here is my attempt at a base building framework that was based on a fan’s concept idea from the H1Z1 community. I always wanted to make a base building project but never really tried before. After diving in, with no knowledge of how to construct it, the first day attempting this lead to a complete fail. The next day I sat back and brainstormed of the best approach that could easily add different building components. Below is a video of what I came up with.

*Better video added.


So question - How did you accomplish this?

I am really interested in knowing.

*Will update my process here later.

Updated base building, now has placement detection, color changing materials, updated ray trace, and flip/rotation while in a socket. New dynamic UMG radial menu for easier selection. Base building mechanic is almost finished and I plan to release a demo soon. Models still need to be updated and icons need symbols in them.

any update to this? plans for release??

I am very interested in this! Please contact me directly! I would love to buy this!

This project is 2 years old. Even if I still have the project, the project is outdated because it requires a lot of manual set up. I’m sure there is a modern base building already on the market place.

Unfortunatley, there isn’t one like yours. I would love to talk to you privately about potentially hiring your services to get this working in my current project. For some reason, I still can’t send private messages here on the forums so I sent you a friend request via the epic games launcher. Let’s talk!