WIP: Grenade pack base

Here’s a test for the grenade pack. Working on material variables now. Take a look see!


Gentleman Fred Fx

Looking great, but that’s a really big grenade ;p. Idsay it fits a barrel explosion or some kind of bomb?

Yea, I have a tendency to go a little overboard, since real world effects are a bit understated. I’ll do some more scaling tests. I want to make sure it has the snap and drama, and its not under powered. Thanks for the feedback!

Nice! I like it, great fidelity. (How about adding some camera shakes with the pack? That surely adds some punch :))

Hey Tom,
I’m trying to figure out the cam shakes right now haha.

Looking awesome so far! The concussion effect really sells it as does the fragmentation :smiley:

Here’s a concrete grenade test, more to come:

I changed up some of the sim, and worked on more gritty looking textures. also changed the distortion to a sphere. It needed it badly. Still messing with some cam shakes that I like.

The plan is to submit a whole set by this weekend.

These effects look amazing. Kind of a no brainer purchase for me and my project, since effects creation is pretty specialized. Very nice work, looking forward to seeing more!

Thanks I’ve finished up most of the base elements, I just need to complete water and I’ll be submitting it to the marketplace.

Grenade pack submitted: Here’s a description:

This pack contains grenade effects for you to use in your games to blow things up!
This pack contains grenade effects for the following surfaces:
Pack also contains a scorch decal,
textures and geo
camera shake blueprint
and a grenade blueprint that uses the above effects.

The video is still processing as of this post but should be finished soon, here’s a link:

I might still add a couple more camera shakes and some radial forces to the mix.

More to come


Hmmm looks like the video didn’t load properly. I’ll need to send a new link when I upload it later.

Ok looks like the new link is:

for the grenade pack. I hope you like it!

Looks like the video on the voting trello is still using the old link. :confused:

Please use this link to see the booms until this gets resolved. Thanks!

Ok, I’ve added some forces to the mix as well as some sound (from the engine). Take a look:


Its also on the voting trello so if you like it please vote! Compatible with Windows, osx, xboxone, and ps4



A slight setback.
The grenade pack didn’t get enough votes so its not going to be a part of the marketplace at this time. I did get some good feedback so if I have some time, I’ll re-work the set and re-submit.

Ok I’ve made some changes to this and I’ll be re-submitting the grenade pack video and snaps to come.

Here are a couple new videos with some changes to the grenades.

Very cool series of explosion types Freddy.

Contemplating using some of the different types as fx assets for a short sequence I’m creating, where Earth’s continents break apart. The sequence will be shot from high-orbit only, so these just might be what I need. Would have to play with the speeds and how they effect perception of scale… but a string of these nade explosions might make for a great crust-cracking effect. Then I would just need to figure out the lava and stuff… I think I recall seeing someone around here working on a nice lava plume. /goes_searching :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m going to do one more pass on them and hopefully I’ll get them in. The lack of votes is making it more difficult to get it in, so I’m doing one more pass.

Ok I’ve submitted a third pass on this. Hopefully you’ll see it on the marketplace. Im back on bullets. making decals today.