[WIP] Graffiti decals

Hey! so i have been working on a personal project and made some decals for it. So i have decided to share on the marketplace when they are finished. they are very much WIP and i’m no artist and not the best with making mats so they are very basic but hope to improve :stuck_out_tongue: .

I plan on having around 50 - 75… maybe more not sure yet, have only made 17 so far. If you think any changes should be made be sure to let me know. (im still new to using forums so im sorry about the pics)

Three new decals, panda is the best so far and i did get a little lazy with the other two sadly.

i also want to make a demo file that contain 15 decals for free use (as long as no one tries selling it as there own) and if you have suggestions just let me know :slight_smile: