(WIP) Gesture/rune magic system

I’m still inspired by Arx Fatalis/Black and White cast system, so there is something similar))

DOWNLOAD LINK](Google Drive: Sign-in)

It works both with VR or mouse. The better you draw the rune, the more damage spell makes and less mana it costs. Templates can be made in 2 minutes based on .png or parametrically based on primitive patterns (line, curve, angle, crossing).

**Basic Damage System **and Health/Mana System are included.

Spell types:

  • Arrow
  • Instant
  • Temporary
  • Beam (planned)

You can setup custom behavior besides a lot of standard parameters for every spell in database. Also you can assign different animation for every spell phase (Cast, Flight, Hit).
Different types of cast source and trajectory including **physics **calculation.

Tech details:
o 9 comprehensible blueprints
o Mouse 2D gesture recognition
o VR motion controller 3D gesture recognition.
o 17 spell parameters
o Example level with 6 spells
o Starter and Infinity Blade effects included (maybe)

Target platform: PC
Tested platform: PC

P.S. Feel free to contact me if you interested in this implementation or need me to create any number of custom never-seen spells of any complexity.

Well. The most complex part is done! Now you can simply assign a template texture for a spell and if you draw something similar (for ex. similarity > 0.85) from your database, appropriate spell will be chosen. The spell parameters affect the cast behavior.


I will put it on Marketplace shortly after polishing the damage system.

P.S. Template example:

It is pretty simple to make those in PS.

Hi Two-faced,

+1 Vote To Finish It.

That is pretty slick and I really appreciate the dual support for VR and Mouse. Hopefully, your intention is to distribute this to the community as I would like to get my hands on it (one way or another).

A Drawing System is Powerful way to interact with the Game as one symbol can mean multiple things at once. I can easily visualize using it to:

  1. Melee weapons attacks and Combo Attacks
  2. Chop Trees (in Survival Game Fruit-Ninja style)
  3. Activating Power Ups or Super Weapons
  4. Issue Commands to Friendlies/Minions
  5. Trigger Gestures/Emoticons
  6. Craft/Construct

Keep up the awesome Work!

VR proof))


Added basic gesture recognition (line, curve and angle) to allow users to create custom math based templates with any complexity.

Added cross detection and counters for every basic gesture.

Probably in a few days i’m gonna send to EG this Kit.

Seems like I’m ready to send some happiness to Epics. Hope they check this out fast.

By the way if a BP submission has to have C++ code, it is considered as a plugin then?

Implemented basic enemy AI. Getting fun already)

Next step maybe is to make playable MageSim alpha in random procedural infinite world.

I definitely haven’t forgot my best creation! :cool:

The polishing went well and I added kinda gameplay so you can play this a little bit. You can kill bots by spells or punches, banish them or explode. Pretty simple but it’s all about gesture recognition concept still)


Annoying phrases could be changed in the \MagicSystem\Phrases.txt to make your own fun (don’t forget to record that stuff :smiley: )

I will add an example video a little bit later, but you can check README already)