[WIP] Generic Inventory system

Hello community, I noticed that there is none completd inventory system on marketplace that is builded ground up for multiplayer and is flexible, include crafting and equipment system, supports different item sizes, proximity item window and has option for multi-layered inventory for example adding inventories while equipping items. I saw some of those available by my self, some of them had a bad network replication, some of them wasnt really flexible and understandable at all and not event commented.

So I decided to do it by my self, just wondering if there is a enought of people that would be interested in this kind of inventory. Current progress is a around 85% So, there are some features:

1) Fully networked with networking debug included. (Server to be working with all data operations and only necessary data for visual feedback is being send to client as its supposed to be)
2) Grid based inventory with sizeable windows
**3) **User interface component (Customizable UI such as slot icons, frames, coloring of slots interactions)
4) Generic item sizes (How many slots item cover in width and height by defined value)
5) Generic inventory size (amount of slots in width and height by defined value)
6) Several stacking options such as Stacking, Charging, Durability, Charging & Durability
7) Item attributes like value, weight etc.
8) Container and vendor actors
9) **Rotating **of items
10) **Proximity **(on ground) Item grid
11) Fully dynamic crafting system (maybe with crafting queue)
12) Flexible equipment system with option to add container parented to equipment slot.
13) Container weight and total player weight.
14) Avanced object **interaction component **(can be used also on none item-based actors)
15) Item **Sorting **(By Name, Size or Rarity)

16) Quick access bar
17) **Index shifting **while dropping out of inventory bounds
18) Automatic item rotating while adding to inventory (if space for original size wasn’t found, try it again with rotated item)
**19) **Will consider **item menu. **Because it’s not necceassary all the time. Behavior like Quick equip, sell, buy, Split or use can be called as a Quick action, some People like to have item menu and some dont, so for now it also depends on feedback.

I will be also adding features like **Drag & Drop to Scene, 3 Inventory examples **for different game types and other things depends on feedback.

Few screenshots of organization (in-game screenshots will post lately).

Inventory Manager Component:


Equipment Component:


UserInterface Component:


Interaction Component:

Tell me guys what do you think about this, and plase vote. Thank you :slight_smile: