[WIP] Gears of War - Dark Ages (a fan project)

Hi people! I’m here to share, step by step, the progress of a new project in which I’m immersed. Concretely, it is a project that will try to be based in the universe of Gears of War, but with a more European classical stylish city. I did this selection because I wanted to be a little bit gothic but without the intention to lose the imperialistic architectural art of the game. Thus, I will try to mix both. It would be like bringing Gears of War to Europe and, at the same time, giving some dark nuances. I hope you like the idea, and as the first post in this thread, I will share with you the blocking on which I have been working this past week.

Like always, critics and comments are welcome!

  1. Hello, everyone!
    I’m here again to show you my advances with the environment. On this occasion, I have spent my time modeling the modular assets to build buildings. I have decided to do three hierarchical lines:

And after I have united them in order to give shape to the building:

I have exported the windows, doors, and metal columns, separately to save up polygons creating copies of the same model.

I hope you like it and if you have something to say, say it! :blush: Don’t be shy!

  1. Yes, I’m here again!

This time I have done some advances in one of the modular buildings. I textured it but I’m not totally convinced by the results, so it is very likely that I look for new textures to approach much more to a building of Gears of War. It is true that with decals I can improve it, but, as I have said, at soon as I have some time I will try with a new set of textures.

New captures:

And some renders here, also:

I await your comments!


Sorry, I will be very short. Due to an important lack of time I should perform some changes in the project. I hope you like these changes too!


Hey MiguelMNavas!

Its so apparent with just these few photos the amount of detail, time, and dedication you’ve poured into this project. The last four images are stunning and I’m amazed at the world you’re creating.

I’m also entirely jealous of your building designing skills. Phenomenal. Showstopping. Spectacular.

Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing more :slight_smile:

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Hey PresumptivePanda!

Firstly, thanks for the comment! It cheers me up a lot to see that there are people about there that like what I’m doing. And I hope these new advances continue to maintain the level!

Again, seriously, Thanks!

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Hey people!

I’ve returned to share some of the advances that I’ve done this week. As you can see I’ve almost finished one building (I need to use some decals on it) and I’ve started a new one. This last, in difference with the other one, I’ve tried to build something more modern but with the same classic touch. I like to think that I’m achieving this Geras of War-style without resigning to my first idea, bring this world to an old European city. What do you think?

I hope you like it!

  1. Hello!

Today I’m going to share the last advances that I’ve done with my project. I have finished the second modular building and also I’ve had time these holidays to texture it. I tried to follow the line that I pointed out when I started, and I think that I’m having good results. What do you think?

Please, let your comments!!!


Hey again MiguelMNavas,

So sorry to keep commenting on your post but I’m too darn invested now. :triumph:

Such an honor to watch this develop and see how much passion you put into this project. Such a beautifully crafted design and aesthetic. Thanks so much for sharing it with the unreal community and I can’t wait to see the finished product! :smiley:

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Thanks to you for leaving a comment! It cheers me up to continue doing my best!

Hi everyone!

This week I don’t come with very much. Crazy time at the laboratory so I couldn’t work as much as I wanted, but, anyway, I’m accomplishing the schedule. Next week I will show you the advances, not only in the tower (which I do not like very much after I’ve seen the result) but in the next building and some details.

See you soon! And thanks for the comments!


Wow! :exploding_head: Can somebody say “Like a Boss”? I agree wholeheartedly with @PresumptivePanda !

What you are building here is nothing less than exceptional! As someone who is fascinated with architecture, I cannot stop staring at the detail you have put into your buildings!

You have captured the essence of the beautiful, yet grimy environment of Gears! I can totally imagine a berserker busting through one of your doors! Or the Hammer of Dawn coming down wreaking havoc in the courtyard! This is astounding! Thank you so much for sharing your progress with us, for posting consistent updates with your project, and for using the Unreal Engine for your creative works!

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First, I hope you’re fine, COVID is attacking strong again, so keep safe!

Well, this week I was working on improving the main “medieval” gate. As you can remember, I wasn’t happy with the version that I had, so I decided to do some adjustments and I think now is quite better. Is more Gear!

Also, I have started to work in the new building. By now I only have the main floor but soon I will have the entire building. After this is very likely I start the church, but maybe I will invest some time in making adjustments. Alas! And I almost forgot! Now we have trees in the scene xD.

See you and leave your comments or critics!!!

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Ey! Thank you for your comment Get_DOVAH_it! I’m putting all my efforts to achieve the best level with the time that I have after going to work (maybe, someday, I will be able to say that this, what I do in my free time, is my job [I cross my fingers every day]).

About the scenes your comment on, well it will be amazing to see something like that!! And regarding the essence, I’m very happy to see that people like and feel what I’m trying to do!

Thank you, thank you very much again. Comments like these give me the strength to continue!

(Unreal Engine is amazing!! I love it!)

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@MiguelMNavas , seriously, it is extremely admirable and endearing that you find the time to partake in what shall become your future! Please, by all means, remain steadfast, tunnel vision, and continue doing what you love! MiguelMNavas, you see, as a game dev hobbyist myself, I know the time, the effort, and the frustration it takes in developing a game (at any level). There are a plethora of game devs that have the luxury of dedicating all their time to this. And for you to be working and taking the time out to create such awe-inspiring work, your future is bright indeed, my friend! Happy Creating!

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THANK YOU AGAIN!!! I hope you’re right and I can find a job soon!

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Hey people! Happy New Year!
I’m here to show you my advances. Not as much as I wanted but I think everybody will understand that during holidays with the family around here is very difficult to find the time. Anyway, I think that even with that I did good work. Nevertheless, I want to say that I see a small lack of details in the last building, so maybe, If I have enough time I will do some variations and, also, I think with decals it will improve notably.

I hope you like it!

Hey @MiguelMNavas,

I adore the style of your project. Especially the coffee style theme of some of the buildings. I expect to be able to just walk in and see a library cafe with nice jazz music playing, there aren’t many projects that can transfer a viewer into imagining a world with you and I think you’ve done an incredible job of that.

Its obvious you’re super talented and I can’t wait to see more. Keep up the great work friend! :smiley:

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Thanks!! Unfortunately, this project will stop for a time. I’ll be back in the future to it, but right now I need to finish another project first.

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Hi @MiguelMNavas !

It has been very inspiring and fascinating watching your GoW project grow over time. We will sorely miss your updates. :face_holding_back_tears: Thank you so much for making us aware that you are placing a temporary halt to this project. We look forward to your future updates and marvelous creativity! Please don’t forget to come back to us, and I wish you much success in your other project!