[WIP][Game] Bygone Dreams


I am finally able to talk about our upcoming game - Bygone Dreams!


We are making an action-adventure game using UE4 (obviously) and it’s been in the making for quite some time. I’ll share the blurb from our Steam page:

Bygone Dreams is a high fantasy action adventure with RPG elements set in a surreal dream world.

The dream land of Lume, under the protection of its matron deity, is being threatened by a terrible Nightmare. Embodying the spirit known as Wa, you are the world’s last hope for survival.

To aid you in your quest, you must seek out the world’s Guardians - powerful creatures worshiped and revered in times long before the corruption seeped in. However, the task ahead is anything but easy, as the Guardians themselves succumbed to the Nightmare.

The whole thing is so surreal to talk about as it’s been under wraps for so long! If anyone’s curious about the game go ahead and join our Discord!