[WIP] Fuzzytotems' Blueprint TArray Augmenter

Hello everyone,

My plugin is very simple. It is built to give Blueprint access to additional features that are only available at a C++ level at this point. This plugin works in Blueprint-only and C++ programs alike. Currently, the plugin gives you access to TArray’s sort functionality for float, int32, strings, and names, and it also gives access to a Queue Wrapper. And it is as simple as this:

The optional setting is set to stable sort by default. If you wish to make a variable to store the sort settings, the enumeration type is named “ESort Type”. You MUST plug the output into the array you wish to be sorted. If you do not, the input array will not be sorted. The return value returns if the value was sorted or not. For the float, int32, string, and name data types, it will always return true. This value will be employed whenever object sorting is eventually added (which is proving to be trickier than anticipated).

It is available for download off of the following website (shameless plug):

Fuzzytotems’ TArray Plugin

That page contains links to the compiled 7zip and ZIP versions, a link to the GitHub (where you can find both stable and master branches), a change log, a small roadmap, and instructions on how to install and use the plugin.

If you have requests that thematically fit the intent of this plugin, please do not hesitate to either post them on here or in the comments section of the linked page.

Update 0.2.1 BETA:

The 0.2.1 beta now provides support for unstable and stable sorting of objects. Once again, you do not need a C++ compiler to run this (although source is included if you want to muck around in it). Follow the directions on my site, and you should have an object sort set up in Blueprints in no time. ***Note: The Heap Sort option does not work for objects at this time.

Fuzzytotems’ TArray Plugin

Thanks, any expansion for functionality in BPs is a great thing.

I hope it is useful for lots of people. I decided to focus the early stages of this plugin on general purpose BP nodes that would (hopefully) assist other people in their projects as well. That’s also why the roadmap is very short at this stage, because I’m trying to determine general purpose functionality before I start making overly specific stuff.

Update 0.3 RC1 BETA:

A Queue Wrapper is now available within the plugin. The full tutorial can be found here in the “Using the Queue Wrapper” section.

New features (for Blueprinting purposes only):
Enforcing Same Class - A boolean that, if set to true, requires all objects added to the queue to be of the same class or a child of the class.
Enforced Class - A subclass node that lets you set the class to be enforced

Supported standard features:

Edit: I do want to add that there is no longer a completely raw version. This one was giving me major headaches with the uncompiled version. The source is included still.