[WIP] Fractured Veil- multiplayer, persistent game set 100 years in the future on Maui

Happy to share some shots from our project called Fractured Veil, set in the lush wilds of Lahaina, HI 100 years from now. We’ve been working on some cool stuff and feel like its time to open things up and get some feedback from all of the fine folks in the UE4 dev / player community. Any thoughts and feedback are welcome and appreciated.

For more info, feel free to stop by and say aloha: site | discord: | forums | youtube:






One more shot of the lush environment we’re building


We discovered a funny bug the other day and had a good laugh. I think we figured it out, but Can Gun anyone?

The environment is looking amazing! Awesome work

Thanks! Here’s another look at some of the foliage from one of our early concepts.


The screenshots are beautiful. It certainly looks like an interesting setting.

The story of how the Veil was fractured and what life was like prefracture has been something we’ve also been working on since early days and is really important to us. The game takes place 100 years from now, so we delve into what happened to the world and how Veil Corp played a hand in the destruction. We regularly update **our dev blogs **as well, but the stories go a bit more into what’s going on in Maui, where the game is set.

This is our latest post : https:///blog/story/lahaina-host-5th-annual-manimal-cocktail-champions and here’s another screenshot of the a concept from the camp…


We’ve been working on Big Bob, a mutant character that goes through players faster than wet wipes at a BBQ…


Love the lighting on that one!

Added some more shots and background on the game over on the Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/FP005DV



Hey folks! Work continues on the mutants in the game as we’ve been updating to 4.20.3. Things are looking pretty amazing and despite some hiccups, our update from 4.17 is going pretty well.

Is anyone else updating or thinking about it?

Here’s another look at one of our mutants we affectionately call Big Bob :slight_smile:


Happy Friday folks! We’ve been making some progress on building our world while we’re also updating to 4.20.3 and wanted to share some new shots:

Environment works looks interesting. Will keep an eye on this. =)

Thanks for the kind words @SE_JonF :slight_smile: We have been updating to 4.20.3, so all of this is before we started, but wanted to show off some of the improvements we made:


nice game can I play

Hey @babyhippo671 we’re getting folks to sign up for closed alpha but reserving their player name over at . We’re hoping to get folks in there in a couple of months. After the holiday break last week, we posted some more shots of the wildlife in our world:

[Signs of life - Album on Imgur

](Signs of life - Album on Imgur)

We took a poll in discord to ask folks what they wanted to see this week and weapons was the winner! We break down the weapons in detail and show off some of the different textures for each model. https://imgur.com/gallery/eC6xDpE

Showing off some of the enemies and talking a bit more about the AI in the game this week’s post, our first of 2019 :slight_smile: Let me know what you think and thanks in advance for the feedback!

We’re still working on improvements, but we have a live stream running from the drone in the game so that feels like a win!

From a play test session the other day :slight_smile: We’ve been optimizing the environments, trying to get our fps down and so far so good! If you want to say aloha, head over to our discord https://discord.gg/HZQkfcg​​​​​​​