WIP Forum?

So, I was thinking you guys should add in a new forum section where people can just post what they are working on. This would also make it easy for multiple people to collaborate if they wanted to work on something together. For instance, I have a simple idea for an arena shooter with a handful of interesting weapons that carries elements of UT and Halo set in sort of abstract levels, like the Sanctuary map included in the Shootergame demo (this is a project that could conceivably be developed in six months, I think). I would be interested to see who would be up for collaborating on that, but it would be nice if I could post this idea in a separate forum. This could also help to form some games that could launch alongside or near the public release of Rocket, sort of like those games that came out around the release of UDK (I think Sanctum, Bounty Arms, and Dungeon Defense are examples of those). I personally think it would be really cool if there were a few games made by beta users that launched around the public launch of Rocket.

I would like to hear what others and, specifically, what Epic thinks of this idea. I think it could really help Rocket launch on a strong footing.

This would be good when there are more people, but at the moment it makes no sense in my opinion, because you just can post it into the rocket section. ;D

But its a good idea to create some games with the Rocket! When you have one where I can participate in, just tell it to me. ( a horror game would be nice → easy to create and fun to play)

I didn’t know that forum existed…I guess I need to get my main forum account access to the forums.