[WIP] Forest and Mountain environments

This is all pretty early, but I figured you never grow better unless you share and get feedback. I’ve been developing assets for a potential game concept and learning the engine more deeply at the same time.

My big focus at the moment is creating large landmasses and having decent shaders for them. Only just starting to get into actually dressing the map with trees and the like. The terrain is using the landscape tool, and is about 25 square km. The shader is based on height and angle, and also fades certain things with distance. Still a long ways to go, I need to get better at doing trees and grass for sure.

Very nice looking! The mountains look pretty insane! Thee trees need some work though I think, they look a bit like the leaves are moss?

Screenshots look awesome Hyperloop! As Warlord stated, the mountains look phenomenal but the trees may need just a bit more work. That first screenshot is amazing. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the feedback guys! I’ll work on the trees a bit more and see what I can do :slight_smile:

Looks great!

Pretty awesome screenshots, nicely done!
As WarLord and Sean Gribbin already said, the trees may need a small update :wink:
Keep going! :slight_smile: